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(The mathematical defense)
Military intelligence and communications technology

According to recent research and development, quantum key distribution has increased from tens of kilometers to hundreds of kilometers: neither is practical. This page introduces the post BB84, which inherits all the features of BB84 and brings more convenience, from the perspective of information theory.

Since C. E. Shannon put information into mathematics, the word "bit" has now become a common- sense term. Data and information are different: the flow of data is visible, but the flow of information is invisible: so the evaluations they make on a problem are quite different.

There are some examples: page 20 of "A Mathematical Theory of Communication" is one of them (1948): Polar code is one of them.

It's natural for programmers to chase visible data, but what's wrong with all IT researchers becoming programmers? Programmers see BB84 photons as a stream of data: so that the noise channel is invisible: programmers have no doubt that the error correction channel is not in-line with the noise channel.

Post-BB84 matrix

BB84 has a quantum phenomenon that works against man-in-the-middle attacks, so I think many people are attracted to it, but if you get to know the Mod2 arithmetic noise channel of post BB84, you may be impressed. This channel consists of Shannon's communication line, my patent "3-way noise channel", and a physical random number of 256 [bit] / block. Let's eavesdrop on this channel:

When an eavesdropper is not observing, 1) Mod2 arithmetic noise channel repeatedly consumes and generates session keys: this means performing key distribution. 2) When the observation begins, that is, when the eavesdropper steals information from the communication line, it is inevitably the time integral of the Mod2 arithmetic noise channel. 3) The session key erases itself during the time integration. 4) After the session key disappears, the information channel contracts to a constant information entropy, 512 [bit].

In this way, when not observing, the session key repeatedly consumes and generates, and when the observation starts, the session key from the time of observation to the present erases itself, and the channel always contracts to a specific information entropy. This information channel observation and information channel contraction, which surprisingly corresponds to the interpretation of observations in quantum mechanics and contraction of probability waves: so named as Post- BB84, which succeeds BB84. Post-BB84 overcomes the shortcomings of the current BB84. This is because the transmission rate R shown in "A Mathematical Theory of Communication" reaches the theoretical maximum while the key is being consumed and generated repeatedly = while the virus is not abusing the key.

Convenience of Post-BB84

  1. Random numbers do not code photons, but physical random numbers code physical random numbers, so we do not rely on specific Fiber.

  2. There is no limit on the usage distance. The network is end-to-end communication.​

  3. Military communication equipment is limited to fixed bases. This limit is removed.

  4. Compatible with the topology of the communication protocol TCP / IP.

  5. There is no need to develop specific relay equipment.

  6. Quantum computers are not a threat.

  7. Use physical random number ASIC: It can also be installed on micro satellites and drones.

  8. Do not rely on specific operational techniques.

  9. No manpower required: Operating costs are on par with the Internet.

"Mathematical line of defense"

to control the fifth battlefield

There is no countermeasure technology for the below five items. Today's TCP / IP is a convenient protocol for viruses and backdoors because it connects to anywhere if you specify an "IP address and port number". But Post BB84 can end the era of cyberattacks. Post BB84 provides a "mathematical line of defense" at subnet boundaries: This means that "The CLEANNET" will be realized. If anyone decides to make a TCP / IP update, that's right. There's no complicated work there: there's reference source code, and the algorithm (Attestation) is surprisingly simple.

  1. While cyberattacks are a way of fighting in favor of the weak, cyber defense is impossible even for the strong.

  2. The targeted tissue is unaware of the virus infection.

  3. By the time you notice, the virus operation has already ended.

  4. The virus begins its operation without a declaration of war.

  5. There are always backdoor concerns.


Disclosure of details and contractual discussions shall be made only to government agencies, defense authorities, and companies that have a track record of doing business with these organizations.



Eiji Watanabe (METEORA SYTEM Co., Ltd. CEO)

Developer Eiji Watanabe

Message from evaluator

- This message wrote by Tadahide Sugiuchi -

(Corporate auditor at POST QUANTUM BIT Co., Ltd.)

The nation with Post-BB84 in its hands will control the future

We are now standing at a critical juncture in our democracy. In particular, we urgently need to defend ourselves against threats in cyberspace, especially in the face of the practical application of quantum computers. When the guardians of democracy get hold of Eiji Watanabe's invention on Post-BB84, it will be a powerful weapon for them.

You may be the one to bring Advanced TCP/IP into the standardization process and write the first RFC

When a mathematical line of defense is built around the Internet, mankind will be free from the threat of cyber attacks for the first time. What does this mean? How much value will it have? Those who understand Post-BB84 and implement it in society will add a new page to the history of information and communication. Just like when INTERNET was born from ARPANET.

Company & history


Isehara office

〒 259-1116 Kanagawa, Isehara, Ishida 690-1-102

TEL 0463-96-3615 / FAX 0463-96-3616

Tokyo office

〒 164-0012 Tokyo, Nakano-ku, Honcho, 2-50-10-205

TEL 03-3377-9545 / FAX 03-3377-9625

- History -

In 1979: Established METEORA SYSTEM Co., Ltd.

In 1982: Capital tie-up with Amada Co., Ltd.


In 1990: Started cryptographic research after applying for a patent for wireless phones.


In 1998: Japanese Government(MITI) supported million dollars for our activity which theme was UN/ECE Recommendation No.26 and Legal Security on the Internet. The project was named 5-5-3 matter; The solution overcomes the difficulties below: 1) differences in national legal systems, 2) Peer-to-Peer authentication, using IP layer security based on UN recommendation No.26. Mr. Hans Hansell (central above) who was UN/CEFACT general said; I’m very pleased to receive here you at United Nation’s office in Geneva, and I’d like to stress that the Japanese business community do participates actively in develop of United Nation’s standards for electronic transfer of data.


In 1999: Apply for an international patent for the key exchange algorithm to PCT.


In 2002: We demonstrated in EDICOM2002 & AFACT council “A more civilized Net” which is aimed at deterring cyber terrorists from attacking the Net. We met with Chairman of UN/CEFACT Ray Walker below; The demo of “A more civilized Net” was performed in the meeting room via Internet to Tokio; the regulation to anonymity is implemented by using IP Security. A patent related to “A more civilized Net” was established in the year of 2005 below; (1) United States Patent No. US 6,917,685 B1, (2) European Patent Application No.:99 973 672.1.


In 2003: Succeeded in cryptographic implementation on IP phones with good voice, and established secure IP phones.


In 2004: “A more civilized Net” was awarded in eASIA week held by Taipei. The Model Agreement, when properly relied upon, seeks to provide EDI messages with a legally binding effect across different national legal systems.

In 2005: Succeeded in Fourier analysis of cryptography for the first time in the world. Obtained US patent approval and an international patent for key exchange algorithm. And Work on emergency notification system (VoIP) for local governments.


In 2012~present: Established “Post-BB84 technology” and “Non-commutative algorithm”.

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