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In 1979: Established METEORA SYSTEM Co., Ltd.

In 1982: Capital tie-up with Amada Co., Ltd.


In 1990: Started cryptographic research after applying for a patent for wireless phones.


In 1998: Japanese Government(MITI) supported million dollars for our activity which theme was UN/ECE Recommendation No.26 and Legal Security on the Internet. The project was named 5-5-3 matter; The solution overcomes the difficulties below: 1) differences in national legal systems, 2) Peer-to-Peer authentication, using IP layer security based on UN recommendation No.26. Mr. Hans Hansell (central above) who was UN/CEFACT general said; I’m very pleased to receive here you at United Nation’s office in Geneva, and I’d like to stress that the Japanese business community do participates actively in develop of United Nation’s standards for electronic transfer of data.

In 1999: Apply for an international patent for the key exchange algorithm to PCT.


In 2002: We demonstrated in EDICOM2002 & AFACT council “A more civilized Net” which is aimed at deterring cyber terrorists from attacking the Net. We met with Chairman of UN/CEFACT Ray Walker below; The demo of “A more civilized Net” was performed in the meeting room via Internet to Tokio; the regulation to anonymity is implemented by using IP Security. A patent related to “A more civilized Net” was established in the year of 2005 below; (1) United States Patent No. US 6,917,685 B1, (2) European Patent Application No.:99 973 672.1.

In 2003: Succeeded in cryptographic implementation on IP phones with good voice, and established secure IP phones.


In 2004: “A more civilized Net” was awarded in eASIA week held by Taipei. The Model Agreement, when properly relied upon, seeks to provide EDI messages with a legally binding effect across different national legal systems.

In 2005: Succeeded in Fourier analysis of cryptography for the first time in the world. Obtained US patent approval and an international patent for key exchange algorithm. And Work on emergency notification system (VoIP) for local governments.


In 2012~present: Developped Communication channel system having integrity and autonomy and post-quantum cryptography.

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